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Lovelee Beauty and Aesthetics offers 1 to 1 teaching in beauty and aesthetic courses. All courses are insurable and CPD accredited

Courses available

Foundation Dermal filler £750

Foundation dermal filler course gives you the foundations you need to be able to achieve lip fillers and nosiabials lines ( nose to mouth )

Advanced Dermal filler £850

Advanced dermal filler course gives you the training to be able to do cheeks, jawline, nose (rhinoplasty) and chin dermal fillers.

Foundation botox £850

Foundation botox course gives you the training you need in toxins to perform the standard 3 areas of botox . Course also includes prescribing help.

Other courses available 

There are many other courses available such as advanced botox, b12 injections , anatomy and physiology level 4, dermaplaning facial, chemical peels, PDO and COG threads, skin boosters and more. Please contact for pricing - Able to do discount if more than 1 course is booked.

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